Thursday, December 06, 2007

Advent Poems (Dec 6th) - My First Mince Pie

My first mince pie and I’m in heaven
The flaky, crumbly, mincemeat bliss
Give me the choice, I’d eat eleven
Sweet pastry it doesn’t get better than this

Serve it hot or serve it cold
I do not care just serve it
If someone’s selling, deem it sold
If I’m not there reserve it

Clotted/double/single cream
I’m a mince pie eating fool
I go to bed to mince pie dreams
If only it were always Yule

So stuff me full, I’ll still surmise
I’ll never tire of fresh mince pies

1 comment:

Mitchenstein said...

Wow, spooky similarity between today's poem and my most recent 365 photo...