Thursday, August 30, 2007

Confessions of a 10-Year-Old - Part 1

Long long ago, before the creation of blog, people had to find other, computerless ways to make a note of their thoughts, feelings and experiences. They would do this in something called - a diary. A diary was something whereby people would take a piece of paper (or an exercise book which was made up of lots of pieces of folded paper) and a pen (a small, handheld, thin, cylindrical object that would dispense ink through a tube) and they would use the pen to make markings and letters on the paper - something they called "handwriting". As I was rummaging through Mum and Dad's loft looking for a passport (which I never found and, as such, had to pay £108 for a new one - grrr!), I came across some diaries that I wrote when I was at primary school. Not having the means to share my thoughts and observations with the world as a child (apart from myself, my best friend Aaron and Mrs Luff - my Year 6 teacher) I thought I would use this blog, now, as a platform to share my confessions as a 10-year-old philosopher. This is the first installment:

Wednesday 8th September 1993:

In my holidays I went to Sheffield and I went to my cousins house but they were'nt there though because they were at some sort of camp. When we were there we went on load's of walks. We did at least twenty miles by the time we went to are gran's. It was fun there. My gran gave me two pounds. When we had meals my gran gave us all are favorite food. On Saturday my uncle came round. He's called Glyn to. My dad named me after him. He brought some 3-d posters but you had to see the pithures and make them stick out at you with your own eye. It's very very hard.

Once we had a lovely tea made by my gran my uncle Glyn said he was going bunji jumping the day after which was Sunday.

Pretty deep stuff uh? As my knowledge and experience expands, my wisdom and witty observations become even more profound (if you can believe that from one so young). I'll keep you posted with more installments.