Monday, December 03, 2007

Advent Poems (Dec 3rd) - The Christmas Lesson

They wait
Wide eyed and expectant
In a season where good things come
From the darkest places

They know
From the dull comes excitement
From frowns comes laughter
And soon those who oppressed and restricted
Will join and smile and encourage and play.

He stands
Before them and smiles
Allowing their hope to grow
Filling their hearts.
Behind their eyes he can see it
A joy unmistakable
Leaning forward
Ready to breakout across their faces with one word:


They smile,
They laugh,
They sigh with relief
Their brains switch off and their hearts engage
A veil dissipates
The room brightens

There will be no writing today
No marks
No assessments
No judgement
They know this subject
They do it well
This is their speciality

“What is Christmas?”

Hands shoot up,
Stretching to the ceiling
Like vines to the sun
Answers explode:
They laugh

He stops
He looks
He asks

“What about Jesus?”

They pause
They think
They consider
They discuss

The boring nativity
The children’s play
The distraction from what’s really important


They continue

They ask
They answer
They learn
They teach

The importance of a childish tale
The relevance of an old fable
The excitement of a dull story
So much knowledge to be acquired from that already known
No separation but a solid synthesis
Everything they felt
And believed
And knew
Confirmed by what has been procured

They leave
Affirmed in their faith of what is pure and perfect and real

He stays
Inspired, refreshed and challenged
He sits and he waits
Wide eyed and expectant
The only student in the class


Andy said...

Very good... but I'm just wondering if you can manage to blog a poem every day leading up to advent.

Go on Glynn, you can!

AndyMac said...

Love the poems! (well actually, only the first two really. I thought the third one was a bit long for us un-intellectuals, and I have to admit I skim read the second half!) Sorry!)

Liz said...

Andy, advent IS the lead up, you silly billy !

Andy said...

Der... yeah, I know what I meant.

Bit of luck I don't work with languages for a living...