Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advent Poems (Dec 11th) - Radio Times

As that beautiful day approaches
And the anticipation climbs
There is always one thing that makes my heart sing
It’s the Christmas Radio Times

With all of that seasonal telly
There is only one source you can trust
It’s detailed and forthright and lasts for a fortnight
The Radio Times is a must

With all of its info on programmes and films
And its practical family guide
Through the Times I’ll be thumbing. I’ll know just what’s coming
This Christmas I’m staying inside

So bring on those holiday listings
From now to the new year’s eve chimes
No matter what’s aired, I’ll know, I’m prepared
With my Christmas Radio Times


Graeme said...

Ha - Good one Glyn.

I always start to get excited about Christmas once I've got my Christmas Radio Times! And I noticed it's on the shelves this week, so will be purchasing my copy very soon!

Katt's dad said...

Same with me. I always purchase the Christmas edition - it's my contribution to Christmas. (Only joking!!)

Liz said...

Wow, I can remember that very cover - I'm just trying to work out the date on it - is it 1983? A momentous year, I was 19!

Katt's dad said...

24 Dec 1982 to 7 January 1983

Katt's dad said...

And it only cost 50p! This year's cost £2.

plumsauce10 said...

I like the radio times.

When mum would buy it for us, we would spend the first day circling the films we would record or watch and then the rest of the holidays picking up the radio times and groaning over the fact that we missed above mentioned circled films.

Anonymous said...

this is my favourite!!!! For this, you have the title of best blogger yet!!! Don't let me down Glyn, the others SUCK!!! You know who I mean! x