Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Advent Poems (Dec 5th) - Jack's Limerick

This is the story of Jack
Whose energy started to lack
See Jack was a donkey
Whose legs were quite wonky
With a pregnant girl on his back


lucy ar said...

loving your advent poetry! what a cool challenge for yourself, a poem a day...
a poem a day keeps santa away...?

Liz said...

To the tune of Oh Christmas Tree:

Oh Glyn Harries, Oh Glyn Harries,
How lovely are your poems.
They rhyme and scan and everything.
Of the rhyming couplet,
You are the King ! ( uh huhuh!)
Oh Glyn Harries, Oh Glyn Harries
HOw lovely are your poems.

By ME!!

Andy said...

...mmm... the last line doesn't scan.

You're rubbish... ;)

Liz said...

Yeay, Andy has insulted me - I am complete!!

Did you get my Elvis tribute in the middle riff?

Andy said...

I actually meant Glyn was rubbish as his last line didn't scan, not you, Liz, but if you wanna take that as your own that's fine...

Kirst said...

What does scan mean?

Glyn Harries said...

To Lucy - Yeah I'm gonna try and keep it up but no promises.

To Liz - Thank you, that was beautiful.

To Andy - Your critique cut me real deep

To Kirsty - the scan is the rhythm of the poem (which syllables you place emphasis on and the like). Limericks have a very defined rhythm. This particular postmodern limerick, however, does not conform to the traditionalist method and so the last line does not scan as a normal limerick would. If you take in the poem as a whole and what it's saying it's actually a very clever technique and it's just a shame that the likes of Andy (you know, the kind of person who acts all clever by using the correct terminology but actually knows diddly-squat about poetry) simply don't get it.

Katt's Dad said...

Try the following as a last line.

"With a pregnant girl SAT on his back"

Is that better Andy?

Glyn Harries said...


for the love of....i bet shakespeare never had to put up with this.

Andy said...

To follow Glyn's style (sic):

To Katt's Dad: Yes, much better.

To Glyn's comment about my critique cutting you real deep: Touché.

To his latter comment: Probably not, but Shakespeare was good... ;)

And obviously I know lots about poetry... 'cos I'm reading a Stephen Fry book about it, therefore I'm an expert.

Katt's dad said...

Your poems art? More Picasso than Van Gough I'd say.