Monday, December 24, 2007

Advent Poems (Dec 24th) - You Came

I am here
You came

I am here, refusing to move
You came to meet the stubborn
I screw up, never getting it right
You came to forgive the mistakes
I don’t know what it is to live – not properly
You came to teach the hopeless

I’m here
You came

I put myself first
You came as the least
I like to look important
You came in humiliation
I keep getting lost
You came to find me

I am here
And you came

I give, predominantly according to what I am likely to get in return
You gave up everything to serve those who had nothing

I avoid spending time with those I don’t deem to be worthy of my company
You became a joke
An embarrassment
A disgrace
You sacrificed a throne of power and influence to be looked down upon by those residing in gutters
You left behind royal robes to wash the feet of fishermen

I am here
You came

I insist on comfort
On popularity
On attention
I demand my rights
I focus on what I do not have
As I “sacrifice” my ten percent

You came into this world amongst cows
Covered in blood and hay and filth
You came into the cold
To a world that rejected you to barns and sheds
Even before your birth

You came

You came to a poor family
You came to a lowly and pathetic set of guests
You came to a government that feared you
You came to a law that sought to destroy you
You came as an outlaw
You came as a child
A baby
A newborn
A foetus
You came to a dangerous world
A world that already hated you
Already despised you
A world that long before had turned its back on you
A world that would spend 30 years of its history trying to physically annihilate you
And thousands more trying to get rid of you completely
You came to that world in the most vulnerable of states

And you changed everything

I am nothing
Filling that void with worthless importance
Searching for meaning
And purpose
And love

I am here
And you came


Andy said...

Glyn, can I ask a favour? Because these will get pushed further down the page, is there any chance you could collect them together under "Glyn writes" or something so that I, at least, can refer back to them.

Thanks mate, and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

RikiWright said...

That's it - I've read these quite simply brilliant pieces of writing and well I'm giving up cause quite frankly after reading these anything I will pen in the future will not compare to them so whats the point? you know? I need to stop listening to James Blunt this late at night i really do

Anonymous said...

Thanks Glyn for some inspiring, and some quite inane, stuff this advent. If I credit you can I use some of them?

Pam McCredie