Saturday, December 15, 2007

Advent Poems (Dec 15th) - Gateway FM

This afternoon I joined Matt and Ruth in the studio for Matt's radio show with Gateway FM in the Basildon shopping centre. I was there to read some of my advent poetry but Matt decided it would be fun if he, without any prior warning, challenged me to write a poem in 45 minutes while we were on air. This is what I produced in that time (NB: there are a few references to things that were going on in the shopping centre today but for the most part, those lines that don't make sense are a result of a limited amount of time and me getting desperate) :

Sitting in the studio
Matt and Ruth are a gem
From the Basildon steeple to all of three people
It’s Christmas on Gateway FM

With music across the decades
And local news from the shops
We’re here until three. There’s a big walking tree
He’s live and not likely to stop

Ruth didn’t get the good mic
Because she turned up quite late
The gremlins were lurking, the music stopped working
But now it’s all back and it’s great

So this is my day on the radio
Let’s hope it happens again
The tinsel is glistening but no one is listening
This Christmas on Gateway FM

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