Monday, December 10, 2007

Advent Poems (Dec 10th) - The Retailer's Christmas

Watching millions and millions peruse the shelves
In my suited up Christmas-themed store
Spending their money and losing themselves
In a world that will always want more

Oh how I love the consumers of Yule
Those wide-eyed, excited young shoppers
A young spender’s cash is a retailer’s fuel
Their notes, their coins and their coppers

I love it, I love it, the closer it gets
The last minute panic and rush
Well meaning mothers working up debts
In that purchase crazed, pre-Christmas crush

The spin and ker-ching of the roll in the till
The pile-up of notes in the bank
The wallets are emptied, the shopping bags filled
And who do we have to thank?

This wonderful season of products and things
Of marketing, posters and ads
Reminding the public what joy it can bring
To fill up your stockings with fads

Never allow the silence to stir
Drown out the peace with a cry
Spin Christmas into a spend-crazy blur
And keep them believing the lie

“The value of love is the value of cash
A man without love is a thrift
The more that one loves, the more one should dash
The more one should spend on a gift”

Force them to buy, remove their autonomy
Make Christmas spend without reason
The loss of the spirit boosts the economy
God bless the retailer’s season

1 comment:

Andy said...

If I wrote that I'd be called cynical...

...but that was brilliant, Glynman.