Monday, December 17, 2007

Advent Poems (Dec 17th) - Carol Singers (Part 2)

Relaxing at home with a beer
These moments of calm are in danger
When suddenly what do I hear
Songs of “Away in a Manger”

I jump up to switch off the lights
So when they knock, I can ignore
But I’m too late and they catch sight
Of my frame through the glass in the door

They tell me they don’t want my money
Which instantly makes me suspect
These guys are up to something funny
Recruiting for some kind of sect

I make my excuse and they make their retreat
I can’t help a slight twinge of shame
I peer out my window and all down the street
The reactions are mostly the same


Anonymous said...

Really Loving the advent poems


Katie said...

You realise that if you keep this up, you will actually be able to say that you finished a project you started?!

I'll believe it when I see it...