Monday, May 01, 2006

Back From Roots!

Just got back from Roots 2006 and thought I'd publish a quick post before going to bed.

Roots was flipping excellent for a lot of reasons. And it was not so flipping excellent for others:

Flipping excellent bits of Roots:

1) Having the opportunity to write and perform for the first time since Spring Harvest with Rhema last year (I've created links to the stuff that I wrote and performed on the right under "Stuff I've Written" if anyone's interested).

2) Getting to spend time with and work with people I genuinely love and respect.

3) Danielle Strickland.

4) Being part of an amazing team of people and not feeling completely out of my depth.

Not so flipping excellent bits of Roots:

1) Nearly dying in my tent last night from the cold (and generally not getting any sleep at all for the whole weekend as a result of being in a tent in the cold)

2) Barely getting to Roots this year due to ticket weirdness:

Customer Helpline Lady Thank you for ringing the ticket collection helpline - how may I help you?

ME Yes I wander if you can. I ordered a ticket online and was told to collect it at Enfield Town Station but when I got there the lady told me that she couldn't print it out for me because it has been deferred. She said to ring you to find out what happened to it.

CHL I see. So you're saying that you've been told that the ticket date was changed for the third of March?

ME No. I was just told that it was deferred.

CHL Yes but da fird of what? Da fird of March? Da fird of April?

ME Da fird of nothing. Deferred. D-E-F-E-R-R-E-D. Deferred.


CHL What does that mean?

3) Matt Leeder telling me to sing the waily bit of In the Jungle (only it was the words of Amazing Grace) in front of a large gathering of teenagers and me spectacularly managing to perform the whole thing at a consistent semi-tone below the required pitch.

But despite everything, it's been an amazing week and I have been inspired by so much that has happened.

But for now I have to go because my brother has work to do and has been breathing down my neck for the past 20 minutes.



Andrea said...

hey!!! Your so funny. And possibly a good gardener. I'm glad you enjoyed roots, recover well, my friend!

Ben said...

Can I just say that you Inspired the pants off me this week. People that get up on stage and open up the gospel in a way that is that exciting is cool and totally awesome, but to step off it and be as real and authentic as you are blows all of that out of the water.
I pray that you realise your God given potential.

Will said...

Don't know you from Adam but I've never seen that waily bit done so well. Awesome.