Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Challenge! - Day 8

Ok so it's day 8 of my challenge and I haven't really done anything other than read the letters page in the Metro and hope that something comes up that I can lie about.

Monday showed some potential with a reader writing in asking if men's swimming briefs are called budgie smugglers because they used to smuggle small pet birds into the country by stuffing them down their pants. I was all set to reply convinced that something would present itself to my waiting imagination but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the work had really already been done for me on this one. Other than writing in as Doctor Thomwicket III with a PhD in budgie history saying "Yes. Yes that's true", I couldn't think of anywhere else to take it.

But today I have written in with a lie. It's not one of my best and I'm not convinced it'll get very far but you never know. For the past couple of days, people have been writing in concerning a lady called Condoleezza Rice. Apparently people find this name amusing. So much so that it has taken up a fair amount of room on the letters page for the past two days. I wrote in this afternoon with the lie that Condoleezza comes from the aramaic condolisi which means "love of the unknown". I think it could get in tomorrows paper as long as no one researches it, questions it or even really reads it properly. Who knows? Only the morning will tell.


Matt L said...

I am very, VERY excited to hear the results of this tomorrow!

Please blog more make me smile

That's not a come just do alright!

Gallahan said...

Please blog more make me dance.

That is a come on...dependent on what shoes you're wearing.

Glyn said...

Actually, I have got new shoes. You'd be proud of me. £60 trainers from Foot Locker. These should last me longer than 2 weeks this time.

Gallahan said...

Congratulations! Then consider me well and truly chatting you up...just like old times..!

Turns out people in the real world swear and bitch a lot - Gap is a culture shock.