Friday, May 19, 2006


HEY HEY HEY! I did it. I got a lie published in a national newspaper. This morning the metro published my letter about Condoleezza Rice's name being Aramaic for "love of the unknown". I really didn't think about it at all after yesterday, convinced that as it hadn't been mentioned in Thursday's edition, I'd missed my chance. But on the tube this morning I just happened to look over the shoulder of the person sitting next to me reading their Metro and saw my name underneath a complete fabrication about name translations. Not only that, but a picture was put up next to my letter with the caption: "Condoleezza: An Aramaic name". Woo hoo hoo. Now the whole country thinks that the US Secretary of State has an Aramaic name (well - I say the whole country - I'm not sure if the Metro is distributed anywhere other than London and Manchester but still).

I'm not sure that this'll be the end however. I phoned Matt White as soon as I got off the tube (with an armful of Metros) and he suggested some form of challenge extension involving me, him and Matt Leeder. I'm not sure what this'll involve but after my recent success I'm feeling pretty up for it.

Andy M (work colleague) was less impressed. He insisted that I could've done better and he (never one to be outdone) is now attempting to get his own lie published. It's a variation on a theme really. He's going to write in to the Metro as a professor with a PhD in Aramaic and Hebrew Studies insisting that the chap who had his letter published on Friday was horribly mislead as Condoleeza Rice's first name is actually Aramaic for "egg fried". Hmmm.

But anyway, I'm pretty happy about it. I'll try and scan the page in properly at some point over the weekend but in the mean time, here's a picture taken on my phone.


Matt L said...

Incredible - that is fantastic!

So happy that you managed to complete the challenge... and I must say that I am intrigued by talk of a further tri-person challenge?

I am very joyous about this. :o)

Gallahan said...


Good top combination.
Hey to Andy.
I really miss you guys.

Andy said...

Oh quelle surprise, someone's gone and put the correct meaning in today's Metro, Glynny...

As ever... you're an idiot!!!

Will said...

Now I feel like a nob and it's all your fault. After discovering from Metro that there was a little known Aramaic word that meant something so interesting I punched it into google. Amazingly there was only one hit and that was in something that looked like Russian.

Hmmm a word that has no useful hits on Google but means something so profound... Wouldn't that make a great name for my new website specialising in creativity and innovation?

So off I go and spend £146.88 registering the domain and rejoice in my cleverness. Until I punch condolisi into google again today that is, and there is a new link... to your blog!

That said I suppose I have my just desserts. I am such a liar that I just can't help making up stupid little snippets that have no basis in fact.

Did you know that there are no turkeys (the poultry) in Turkey (the country)? If you like that one it's yours for free.

Anonymous said...

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