Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Arch-Nemesis!

Since my last post, I was speaking to one of my youth members (the irreplaceable Simon Hicks) about the shocking state of a society that could spell Glyn with two 'n's. He proceeded to tell me about his golf coach who has the same name as me but spells it with two 'n's. I vaguely remembered, at this point, about a year ago when Simon's mum first told me that Simon had started golf lessons and that he was quite taken aback to discover that his personal coach was a Mr Glyn Harries. I remember thinking that this was quite funny although it did hurt slightly discovering that I did not have as unique and exotic a name as I had once believed. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the shock that was to follow.

Simon, feeling the need for some form of visual aid to illustrate the anecdote, produced his wallet and got out this golf pro's business card. I sat there for what must have been a good couple of minutes (it felt so much longer) staring at this card in silent disbelief. This golfing instructor did not go by the name Glyn Harries as I had previously thought but did, in fact, call himself Glynn Harris. I thought there has to be some kind of mistake. Some horrible printing error that has caused this man some disgusting mis-labelling. But I've just found this guy on the internet and it is in fact what he is choosing to be known as.

Can you believe that? Not only has this man (pictured above along with the golfing establishment to which he belongs) taken a fine name, he has practically vandalised it beyond recognition. Harris for goodness sake. Where's the 'e' man? Look at him with his smug look of self-satisfaction. He could at least have the decency to look slightly ashamed (if not completely guilt-ridden) as opposed to that inane grin that's stamped across his face.

I have set myself a mission. I will meet this man. And I will tell him that he is wrong. And if he disagrees... then... well... i guess I'll... just have to...erm...steal his golf balls?



matt said...

at least you look alike!!

Andrea said...

what about kenya makes you laugh? thats so funny that someone would say that. LOL! See you at Roots

Glyn said...

It's not Kenya itself that makes me laugh. If you click on the link it'll take you to a fairly amusing song and video about lions and tigers in Kenya.

That's what makes me laugh. Not Kenya itself. Although I'm sure it has its moments.