Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Challenge! - Day 1

Ok so here goes. We're off. The challenge starts today. I've decided my best bet is probably with the letters section in the Metro. I reckon I'll need to write in as some kind of expert in the field of something in response to some question that someone has asked at some point. Vague enough?

Ok so today we have:

A letter concerning Brian Haw's anti-war protests (I feel that any political lie I could conjure up would be immediately seen through)

A section devoted to people's opinions of the BNP (see above)

A section discussing Sinner/Winner (AKA Phil Howard) in Oxford Street (this isn't quite light-hearted enough to lie about (I have ground-rules (see previous post)))

A letter from a gentleman who seems quite upset as he can't find anyone to have sex with him (I'm leaving this one alone)

So today we don't really seem to have any takers. I need to bide my time with this. If I start writing in everyday from the same email address with hackneyed theories as Doctor Thomwicket III, the smart people of MailMetro will begin to get suspicious and bang goes any opportunity for my nationwide lie going public. I need to find just the right topic...

I'll keep you posted.

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