Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Day I Lost All Respect for Andy Peters.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Up until that point, Andy Peters was a legend. Between him and Ed the Duck, my role models had been established (I was determined to grow up to be a squeaking, friendly, mohican styled, black duck). Andy Peters was every childs hero. He was cool. He was charming. He even managed to get a cameo part in Toy Story 2. In my young and impressionable eyes, Andy Peters could do no wrong.

Until that one fateful day.

It must have been 5 or 6 years ago at least. Andy Peters was presenting some kind of celebrity gossip show with Emma Bunton. Things were going well as they disclosed the latest in pre-watershed gossip. He told a joke, she laughed, they introduced the next story, she commented, he nodded in agreement - the same old same old. But then towards the end of the show, Andy Peters asked Ms Bunton about an award ceremony she had just attended (I can't remember which - let's call them the Gandalf Awards).

"You were at the Gandies weren't you Emma?" asked an inquisitive Andy Peters.

"Why yes I was Andy" said Emma Bunton in reply.

"And how was that?" (Andy Peters again)

"Oh it was fantastic" gushed Emma Bunton "it was so glamorous. It was such an amazing atmosphere and everyone genuinely seemed so supportive of one another. I met a lot of really nice celebrities and... yeah... just a really really nice evening. I'd highly recommend it if you ever get the chance"

"Alright alright" smirked the more experienced of the two presenters, "a simple yes would have done"

Poor Emma Bunton, looking red and embarrassed, giggled nervously and, now worried that she would once again go off on an unnecessarily long monologue were she not to carefully consider everything that entered her head before it left her mouth, timidly announced the next item. No one, however, seemed to pick up on the fact that this was in fact the conversation Mr Peters was hoping for:

Andy Peters: You were at the Gandies weren't you Emma?

Emma Bunton: Why yes I was Andy.

Andy Peters: And how was that?

Emma Bunton: Yes.

And that was the day I lost all respect for Andy Peters.


matt said...

If there was a Gandalf would have to be a comedy awards right??

Glyn said...

And the award for Blatant Joke Plagiarism of 2005 goes to....Matt White.

Andy said...

Is this (particular whole post and set of comments) some kind of blogger's in-joke that non-bloggers don't get?

And by the way, it's 2006...

Glyn said...

Last year (aka 2005) Matt told me that I shouldn't use Gandalf in a gag as part of a sketch I was writing as no one would get the reference. Little did I know that he was just preventing me from using it so that he could steal it later on. Months later (still 2005), at his and Christina's wedding, he tells "his" Gandalf joke - biggest laugh of the whole speech.

There - now you all know.

Andy said...

But like the Murphy's, Glynn's not bitter...

Anonymous said...

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