Monday, October 06, 2008

The Exciting Schedule of Glyn Harries

8:00 Woken up by alarm - snooze button

8:06 Woken up by alarm - snooze button

8:12 Woken up by alarm - turn snooze off so that I won't be tempted to go back to sleep

8:30 Woken up by Libby who is outside flat to pick me up for lesson

8:37 Get in Libby's car (fairly certain I was quick enough for her to not think she woke me up)

8:45 Arrive at Boswells school

9:00 Due to start Creation and Evolution lesson

9:10 Start Creation and Evolution lesson

10:00 Realise that the clock in the classroom is 10 minutes slow - end lesson abrubtly

10:20 Arrive back at office and realise that Libby must have spent most of the weekend cleaning and tidying it

10:21 Libby tries to convince me that she was only in the office till 18:00 Friday evening

10:24 Realise that Libby must have spent most of the weekend hiding all my stuff

10:27 Lynsey tells me about finance deal with Citroen C1s.

10:30 Tweak Creation and Evolution lesson

10:55 Leave office for second Creation and Evolution lesson

11:10 Arrive at Boswells and set up for lesson

11:20 Deliver 2nd Creation and Evolution lesson

12:40 Back at office

12:50 Go for lunch at Gregs (as in we bought it at Gregs and brought it back to the office...we didn't sit down in Gregs...they have no seats).

13:34 Admit to Libby that I was in bed when she arrived at my flat

13:34 Libby tells me she was well aware of the fact that I was in bed when she arrived at my flat.

13:42 Decide I've now gone long enough without car. Follow Lynsey's advice and phone Citroen dealers. Book appointment

13:48 Start to go through "Who is Jesus?" lesson for tomorrow

13:49 Check blog

13:59 Continue going through "Who is Jesus?" lesson for tomorrow

14:00 Check facebook

14:33 Continue going through "Who is Jesus?" lesson for tomorrow

14:34 Play with frisbee in office

14:38 Libby and Jo become distracted and annoyed with my frisbee playing

14:39 Attempt to limit frisbee playing to the area around my desk

14:45 Continue going through "Who is Jesus?" lesson for tomorrow

14:46 Get Jo to give me a lift to the Citroen dealer

15:01 Test drive a Citroen C1

15:12 Wish I knew how long you're supposed to stay out during a test drive

15:27 Order a Citroen C1

15:36 Walk and bus home.

16:29 Phone Daniel for a catch up. Left with a feeling of pride and excitement.

17:30 Arrive home

17:32 Change into squash clothes

17:43 Graeme picks me up for squash game

18:02 Arrive at squash courts 20 minutes late (both Graeme and I slightly relieved at not having to go a whole 40 minutes).

18:24 Leave squash courts having been thoroughly beaten.

18:33 Arrive back at home

18:36 Make myself fried sausage and egg sandwich whilst I contemplate how good all this squash playing is for my health.

19:00 Shower

19:30 Katie picks me up for Straight Ahead

20:00 Straight Ahead

22:14 Katie drives me back from Straight Ahead

23:33 Arrive back home

23:59 Update blog


Andy said...

So, I take it Cinnamon's been consigned to the knacker's yard?

And just how flippin' slowly did Katie drive for it to take an hour and twenty minutes for her to take you from Wickford to Chelmsford, considering it only took half an hour to get there?

Katie, did you leave the handbrake partially on when driving home... again?

Mitchenstein said...

You're really good at blogging. In one sense, that's a little annoying, but in another, it's really good.

Katie said...

Don't ask.

Katt's dad said...

If it takes you that long to get home from Straight Ahead, you might want to talk nicely to us and we might give you a lift in the Chelmsford mini-bus!