Saturday, October 11, 2008


I can never remember if the word blonde is spelt with or without an 'e'. So to help me remember I just think "oh it's like 70's punk band Blondie but without the 'i'".

But whenever I have to put this into practice I'm like "is it 70's punk band Blondie without the 'i' or without the 'ie'?"

6 days to go!


Andy said...

I always thought that as a male, if your hair were that colour it would be described as 'blond', but as a female, it would be described as 'blonde'.

But apparently not even two of the best-known English dictionaries can make up their minds.

How very unhelpful...

plumsauce10 said...

I agree with Andy, it's how I've always done it!!