Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Drama Cell by Any Other Name...

These are the first pictures of our exciting new Drama Cell Group. Tom, Catherine and I have been meeting since April and on Sunday we will be performing out to the general public for the first time. We have four dates set for the Area Praise meetings this month (5th - Letchworth; 12th - Southend; 19th - Colchester & 26th - Ilford) and then after that we're heading to Birmingham for the Territorial Congress on the 2nd November. It's exciting times and I'm confident that we will be received really well (Tom and Catherine are amazing). Hopefully more interest and more bookings will follow.

However, we seem to be incapable of coming up with a decent name for ourselves. We have thrown a few about but nothing seems to stick (since I was 15 I've wanted to start up a Christian based theatre company called Lightwise - this was laughed out of the room. A 10 year old dream dashed in seconds). I've been scouting round but I'm struggling to find anything that is both appropriate and catchy. I was rather hoping to find a really cool Greek word that meant honest interpretation (I quite like the idea of having a name which means honest interpretation - I feel that's what we're about) but alas Google has not provided me with the answers I have so desperately craved. So the search goes on. I'm a big believer in the product making the name rather than the name making the product but I'm also keen to find something that just works and feels right for all four of us (Kirsty helps out as well). Anyone with any ideas?

P.S. Bonus points for anyone who can guess which of the above photos is staged.

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Kirst said...

Can I guess?

Ooh, I have an idea. How about we use one of your word verifications?! I will keep my eyes out for a good one!