Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tick Tock

Tick tock tick tock
Tick tock tick tock
Time racing
Pigeon's chasing
Wacky races
Changing faces
So little time to blog
Feeling trapped within the fog
Daniel Daniel wants to know
If the posts will fail to flow
One line rushed to make the time
Second crushed to fake the rhyme
How bizarre
Gone too far
What is this post?
Who is the host?
What does it mean?
Dirty or clean
Rich or poor
Heaven's door
Waits for those
Who bravely chose
To make the choice
To hear the voice
To breathe and scream a firm rejoice
Creative cooking nought but scam
Thoughtless verse and mindless prose
No-one stopping, no-one knows
Done today with time to spare
Here's my Tuesday post so there!


DanielJHarries said...

i think, as a rule, you need to stop doing these after your sessions of hardcore drugs.

Glyn Harries said...

Well danieljharries I think you need to:

a) Put something on your blog instead of just leaving it blank

b) Flippin answer your phone when I try to ring you

c) Not be up at 8:24 in the morning. Honestly, what kind of student are you?

Kirst said...

Glyn this is fabulous! But Dan might be right about the drugs!

Andy said...

"Creative cooking nought but scam/I WILL NOT EAT GREEN EGGS AND HAM!!" = worst attempt at a rhyme since Des'ree's ghost/toast effort.

Glyn Harries said...

Andy it pleases me that, out of that whole mess of words, you could only find two lines to criticise. As if the rest were of a Laureate-ine standard. Bless you.

Andy said...

I decided it was best to gloss
over the rest of the abject dross...

See, that's poetry for you... ;)

Hmm... I seem to have broken the window of this glass house by throwing a stone at you.