Sunday, September 21, 2008

Congas and New Friends

Today's been a good day.

In youth cell this morning we looked at the passage in 2Samuel 6 where David enters the city wearing his iPod whilst his servants are shouting and blowing their crumpets (there were a few mishearings and verbal slip ups during the reading) and starts dancing like an idiot, much to the disapproval of some. We were exploring what it meant to be undignified and/or frowned upon in our worship so I thought it would be a brilliant idea to start the session by having them conga round the church to Ricky Martin whilst unsuspecting congregants were enjoying a nice, quiet cup of tea. Now I don't mean to blow my own crumpet but it really was a brilliant idea. It was a lot of fun for a start and people geninely didn't seem to know how to react. This led to some really encouraging discussions from the young people about what it really meant to worship (how can we go nuts over a conga despite what other people might think yet we find it so difficult in worship?) I'm really enjoying the way the small groups are working this year and I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop further.

This evening was spent in the company of a family from my church who I've never really gotten to know properly in the past. They are all beautiful beautiful people and it was great having the chance to chat to them and laugh with them and find out more about them and their heart and their faith. I have just got in and I'm feeling really refreshed and excited about what the future holds. I have said to a few friends this week that I was feeling really lonely with the youth work in the church but today I have had so many comments of thanks and encouragement and support that I'm now feeling really uplifted.

So yeah. Today's been a good day.

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