Thursday, September 18, 2008

Conversation of a Lapsed Blogger

Me: Dan, would you redesign my blog page?

Dan: How do you mean?

Me: I want a newly designed blog that looks really good

Dan: Ok

I want exciting graphics

Dan: Ok

Me: Bold colours

Dan: Right

Me: With some kind of a theme

Dan: Uh-huh

Me: Something original

Dan: Sure

Me: Something a bit like yours

Dan: Ok

Me: What do you think

Dan: Hmm

Me: What do you mean by hmm?

Dan: Well it's a fair amount of work

Me: Ok

Dan: Which I'm happy to do

Me: Right

Dan: For you

Me: Uh-huh

Dan: Because you're my brother


The problem is you don't blog

Me: I do too blog

Dan: You haven't blogged since 1976

Me: Yeah but that's only because I have a really boring blog that I've got really bored of blogging on. If I had an exciting new blog, I'd blog all the time.

Dan: No you wouldn't

Me: I totally would

Dan: Prove it

Me: What?

Dan: Prove that you'll blog all the time

Me: How

Dan: Blog

Me: What?

Blog everyday for a month and I'll redesign your blog page.

Me: But I'll never do that

Then I'm not wasting my time making you a man of style over substance

Me: But the whole point is that I'm not blogging because the page is boring. I want a proper redesign and then I'll relaunch it.

Dan: But what is it about a new look that'd make you blog.

Me: I don't know, it just would

Dan: Well surely the prospect of a redesign should have the same effect


Me: Everyday?

Dan: Yup!

Me: For a month?

Dan: Yup


Me: Couldn't I offer to give you a shoulder massage everytime I see you for the next month?

Dan: I'm going to be in Bristol for the next three years

Me: Well until you go to Bristol then?

Dan: You are right now this very second driving me to Bristol


Me: I was hoping you'd have forgotten that

You're an idiot

Me: Well what if I...

Dan: Nope

Me: But instead of...

Dan: Blog for a month

Me: Yeah but what if...

Dan: Not interested


Me: Darn it

(The blog Confessions of an Innocent Man will be redesigned and relaunched on Saturday 18th October - Pending the successful completion of a certain challenge)


Andy said...

I now have an even greater love and respect for Dan than before... the challenge is on.

DanielJHarries said...

I have every faith in you brother of mine.

Kirst said...

Hooray! Hoorah for Dan!

Mitchenstein said...

Man, finally!

I thought this day would never come...


Katie said...

Haha. Because you haven't got enough things going on in your life to keep on top of already... ;)

Good luck, Harries.