Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My First Crack at Ikea.

Last night I went with Matt L, Matt W and Christina to Ikea in Croydon to see Michelle (I want it noted that I had a lot of work to do last night and was only told that I would be spending 2 and a half hours journeying to and from Croydon after I was in the car).

It was my first time (in Ikea that is). I've heard stories and I've seen pictures but now my friends were taking me to enjoy it first hand.

It was great. The others took great delight in watching my face as I looked around the showrooms, drank lingonberry juice and tried my first Ikea meatballs. It really is as beautiful as they say. We bought draws and curtains for my bedroom and dreamed of owning Ikeaesque kitchens and lounges and offices (we even had a test-run office meeting).

All in all, despite having to wait till 12.30am to get in and finish off my PowerPoint presentation for this morning's lesson, it was great. I thank Sweden for great shopping and I thank God for great friends.


Steven Carr said...

It is an interesting statistic that one person in 10 in Europe is conceived in an IKEA bed.

Anonymous said...

I just bought tons of stuff in IKEA too.

I like the sound of the test-run office meeting. Can I guess that was your idea?!?!


Mitchenstein said...

It is great, but once you're in there you can't get out... and NEVER go against the arrows.

At least you can buy Swedish sweets there. Bilar are the best, but unfortunately they don't have Plopps.

Andy said...

Plopps are minging, Mitch... though I did buy one and a moose for my sister a few years ago as a present... then proceeded to 'plop' the Plopp from out of its bottom when I gave it to her.

Us crazy linguists, eh...