Thursday, April 13, 2006

What the heck is a Glyn Harries?

Just for jokes (and this is the kind of crazy guy I am), I decided to type my name into a google image search - ya know, just to see what I look like through the eyes of the internet, I tried it at first with quotation marks and got nothing, I took away the quotation marks and got this:

Now I'm not entirely sure what it is but apparently it is called a Glyn Harries. At best guess, I would say that it some form of kryptonite or other super-human debilitating artifact. I would advise that if you ever see a Glyn Harries that you stay clear of it. If you have a jacket or picnic blanket handy then try to use it to smother whatever rays it might be emitting but otherwise get as far away as possible and call the proper authorities who will probably not know how to handle the situation but should know someone who does.

Once again - Stay away from the Glyn Harries!

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