Saturday, June 30, 2007

Before it's too Late.

Having noticed that I've only blogged thricely during this fair month of June, I thought I'd get a quick post in before July arrives.

The blog world seems to have dried up somewhat in recent weeks and months. Posts seem to be getting more and more sparse and bloggers seem less willing to share their tales and comments. I was sad to see Lloyd retire his weekly Thursday Thought as it seemed to poignantly reflect the decline in blog interest. Maybe it's the rising popularity of other web-based phenomenons such as Facebook. Maybe the novelty is wearing off. Maybe blogspot has just had its day.

Alternatively, maybe it's just me and my friends who are being lazy whilst the rest of the blogging world is alive and cyber-kicking.

Who knows?

In other news, I won an award for my blog. Yay! The coveted Mitchie Award for best blog post. Truly a great day for everyone here on the Confessions team and proof that it doesn't matter how pretentious it is to create your own awards, giving them out will always be well received. Thanks John.


Andy said...

I dunno, you help a guy out with a car and what thanks do you get? Being deleted from his blogroll...

I'm mortally wounded.

Glyn Harries said...

Yeah sorry about that. I changed the template of my blog and half of my bloglist got deleted. I'll fix it soon.

Lovin the car by the way.

Kirst said...

You aren't wrong. The worrying thing is that in spite of your lack of bloggage, you are still relatively high up on my blogroll. Its a worrying sign!

Andy said...

Yeah, you're just saying that to make me feel better.

By the way, found the MOT certificate so you can get in re-taxed etc. Pop round and pick it up if you like.

Kirst said...

Andy you can't talk about practical stuff on a blog comment - you have to talk about the blog, or respond to other comments about the blog! What are you doing?!?!?!

Andy said...

Humble apologies, Kirst, but two things:

1) First comnment was in response to what he wrote... ish.

2) You of all people should know how it is with Glyn: e-mail/text him about something and you'll never get a reply.

Being the kind of guy he is you can be sure he'd keep checking whether people have commented on his blog so sadly needs must... which end he came up and picked up the MOT cert the next day. QED.

Kirst said...

Ha ha! If ever a point needed proving! Excellent - we now have a new way of making Glyn listen!

Although if communication with him was solely through his blog - I would sooooo miss the three hour long voicemail messages giving a minutes worth of information!

Andy said...

I think that counts you in a minority of one, Kirsty. He no longer calls us and leaves stupid, hour-long voicemails in which he puts on a ridiculous voice but says nothing.

Glyn Harries, king of procrastination, we (back-handedly) salute you!

Liz said...

Glyn, it is now seriously too late!

The word thingy is qltbskmd - just practising as I only generally get it right second time around!