Sunday, June 03, 2007

And the Rest!

So here's a video I made of the rest of our time at Wigley last weekend. Please bear in mind that:

a) This was my first attempt at editing anything and

b) Most of the footage I had of the weekend was from the music video (see last post) so a lot of it will be the same as the "Lollipop" music vid.

But other than that, I'm pretty pleased with it. Enjoy.


AndyMac said...

Your life looks like something out of a GAP advert!

Can I be like you?

Glad to hear your coming to the wedding?

WIll you be driving? (God help us) There's not much parking!

PS Get on facebook!

Andy said...

Glynn, fancy doing Worship Support? ;)

Anonymous said...

Glynn this is FAB!! you guys have so much fun!!

shayne wards dad said...

Why was leeder flaunting himself about with no top on? sorry about the danish english!