Thursday, April 26, 2007

Procrastination Hall of Fame!

After many a thought about procrastination since I blogged about it last week, I have decided to set up a blog dedicated to the art of procrastination.

Actually, that's not entirely true. It was after reading John Mitch's blog in which he wrote his own eurovision song and I said it should be in the Procrastination Hall of Fame and then I thought, "hey, that's not a bad idea" and it was then that I decided to set up a blog dedicated to the art of procrastination (don't worry John, the song'll be in there).

So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Procrastination Hall of Fame!

Needless to say that I really need to have something finished by tomorrow morning and will likely be up most of the night getting it done but there's a small part of me (albeit a very small part) that thinks it was worth it.

P.S. I also doubt it will last more than two posts (three tops).


Kirst said...

Glyn, that's so funny!

Timmy Magic said...

Excellent idea - I'll look at it tomorrow

Andy said...

Oh Glyn, this could be your finest hour yet. Simply taking the time to put together the picture (cool, by the way) is above and beyond the procrastinator's call of duty.

By the way, how many procrastipoints do I get for not having done the DVDs for my niece's dedication (last February), sister's wedding (last July) and the other half of your birthday present (also last July)?

In any case: I salute you!

Mitchenstein said...

Oh, i'm so chuffed that little ol' me and my little ol' song have been mentioned on your blog.

That you would hold me up as a beacon of procrastination... Means a lot mate.


And I thank you.

Katie said...

Not sure if you've come across this but I used this essay as a source of inspiration throughout my entire university life. Genius.

Without it, there is a danger that I would have gone down the path of all classic procrastinators, ending up as (and I quote) 'a couch potato, not an effective human being'

Just a thought.