Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Sleep in Crust!!

I want the world to know that I have been living in Matt and Christina's spare room since December and I have not once changed my bed sheets. I am not proud of this but it's part of who I am and PEOPLE WILL NOT CHANGE ME!!!!

So to Matt White and Matt Leeder who are trying to blackmail me with this piece of information, it's not going to work. You can change your own darn sheets.

I'm happy for mine to look like this.


Mitchenstein said...

Are those your tights on the bed, Glyn?

Christina a.k.a biggest nag in the world!!! said...

The trouble is that those rapidly turning mouldy sheets belong to me and I want them washed....otherwise you'll have to buy them off me and take them with you cos I very soon will not want them back xx

Anonymous said...

Christina. I am so sorry. His Mum will be horrified. We are both deeply ashamed.

Son - get it sorted or else there will be no more driving, no Christmas presents and you will definately be written out of my will... alright I know none of these is likely to be that much of a worry to you but I don't have anthing else to threaten you with... except I have been sorting through the garage this week and have come across the old photo albums. I am sure either of the Matt's would be interested in having copies of some of them! You have one week to change those sheets or else the photos start getting sent around.

Lots of love Dad!

Andy said...

Don't think it's you they want to change, Glynman, just your bedsheets, you gretch...

Anonymous said...

Is it a double bed? do you sleep on both sides? If so then it's as if it's only been two months and not four since you had clean sheets.
Also are you clean when you go to bed or have you been down a coal mine all day? This makes a differnce.
I think that changing sheets is over-rated.