Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Big List!

There seems to be a big fuss over bloglist positions these days. Everyone seems to have a different method. Andy Hill takes the alphabetical approach while Kirsty takes the week off to calculate blogging consistency ratios. Everyone else, it would seem, measure the worth of their own blog by how high up they appear on other people's blogrolls. As such, I may have caused some offence. I should clarify that I have no such system. People appear on my list simply by the order they were put on the list. The only exceptions are Kirsty and Becky (Wainthropp) as they were added as replacements for people who simply weren't blogging. So please don't read anything into it. It really doesn't mean anything.


Mel Reynolds said...

blog about it all you want. we both know the truth. you don't value me as a person and thats all there is to it.

Kirst said...

Hey Glyn - stop spreading lies. I was at work, just not doing much of it!

Andy said...

Surely it means something if you can't evenmake it onto someone's blog roll?