Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Confessions of a 10-Year-Old - Part 2

Monday 13th September 1993:

On Friday when I came home from school I wathed the T.V. Knightmare was on and it was a new serise and there were new things in it. It was fun. After tea I played on the megadrive. After I played on the megadrive I had my supper. When I went to bed I dremt that I was in knightmare but it was much more fun. I didn't have a helmet on but I had to dodge lot of things which you wouldn't have to do because it would be to hard with a helmet.


plumsauce10 said...

what's the brown smudge on the picture??

RikiWright said...

What game was it for the Mega Drive? please say Echo the dolphin!!!!!