Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My First Crack at Driving.

Well after setting myself the challenge to drive within a year I'm off to a flying start 3 months later after having had my first lesson yesterday morning.

It was fun.

I didn't actually start until we were 50 minutes into the 2 hour lesson. I was staying with Matt Leeder the night before and we got stuck in traffic on the way to the lesson so I was 25 minutes late. I then got to the guy who was to be my instructor and he drove me exactly (and I mean exactly) the way I came which meant getting stuck in exactly the same traffic as I'd already been stuck in and then finding out that we could have met there and had an extra 50 minutes of driving knowledge impartation. Grrr.

But it was a good lesson and I thought I did pretty darn well considering it was my first time ever (I didn't stall once). I'll have this license by the 27th July no problem.


Andy said...

That's all well and good Glyn but you know I'd have told that story better... or at least part of it... ;)

Steven Carr said...

The secret of driving is to see what is a suitable gap to the car in front, and leave a bigger one.

I see so many crashes where the car behind has hit the car in front. Frightening...

And always look where you are going. Sounds obvious, but people don't always look before turning or reversing.

If in doubt, don't pull out.

It does help if you are sure that your manoeuver is safe....