Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blog Update

A few changes to my blog:

Ben Jackson and Mike McCredie are out. I like to think I've been patient up until now but it's simply been too long. Nothing from Mike since July 31st and nothing from Ben since July 6th (if he thinks for one moment that I'm going to count "I'll blog soon" and "here's a question I found from a book - discuss" as credible posts then he is sorely mistaken - lazy toerag).
Taking their places are:

Becky Wainthropp - My beautiful cousin who, like the rest of my family, I don't get to see nearly enough. She's getting married in the not too distant future and I've met the guy, like, once. Anyway, she has a good blog (despite the pinkness) and it's worth checking out. (P.S. Her name isn't really Wainthropp. I'm just trying it out to see if it sticks.)

Kirsty - Kirsty, much to her family's horror, was born without a surname. After months of painful surgery, the name Bolchett was attached but soon fell off after a bicycle accident. On legal forms, she puts her name down as Kirsty Kirsty. Kirsty is a good friend and former partner in crime (if only they would legalise drama lessons) although she has recently left me to continue her work with MI5 (she tortures terrorists for information). Kirsty's is a deep and thought provoking blog (kind of like this one - but the opposite).

I've posted another bit of writing in my ever slowly growing anthology. I wrote Amazing Grace for a Songster weekend last Saturday and got some positive feedback so I thought I'd post it here.

I think that's it for now.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction to your blogger community Glyn. I feel most humbled and honoured. I am glad they now know about my lack of surname!

Thanks also for your comments on my poems. Not sure how a poem is 'clever', but I appreciated it none-the-less.

By the way, I will be an 'MI5-er' for only 4 more weeks. I handed in my notice today, and am due to start 'planning' the London Underground on 20th November. (Yay!) The world is now doomed. I will no longer be a spy.

Also, I loved 'Amazing Grace' Its really good.


Tom Underwood said...

Didn't John Newton write 'Amazing Grace'?

Glyn said...

Yeah but no one in the Salvation Army knows that so as long as I don't mention it on any kind of public forum, I should get away with it.

Mitchenstein said...

It's really not fair - you add new people to your list, but i'm still at the bottom!

Anonymous said...

oooh wainthrop...I like it...wasnt there a hetty wainthrop?why does that name ring a bell???

Glyn said...

There was a hetty wainthropp. I think the show was called "hetty wainthropp investigates" and it was that woman from "keeping up appearances" with that guy from "Lost" and "Lord of the Rings" as her sidekick.

The theme tune was a really cool cornet solo that I got the music to and was determined to master but never got round to it.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately I now work Sundays and haven't been to Church for a little while and although it will never take it's place i appreciate your blog because I feel like it keeps me in some kind of Christian loop. You know...just...ummm...keep on bloggin'! Rx

sarah said...
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Glyn's Dad said...

I thought it was Andy Hill who starred alongside Patricia Routledge in Hetty Wainthrope Investigates!

Anonymous said...

Glyns Dad knows everything, dont mess!!

Andy said...

Why I oughtta... it's a Harries family conspiracy to discredit me!!!