Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Do Flies Deserve Death?


I've just sprayed a couple of flies and as I watched them slowly choke to death while they painfully struggled to stay in the air before crashing to the ground where they used every last ounce of strength to wriggle their dying limbs in the desperate hope that they could find a way to cling onto their futile and fading lives, I couldn't help but feel a little bit like Hitler.

I know they're only insects but is it inhumane to torture flies in this way? Is it stupidity or moral conviction that causes me to feel guilty about slowly draining the life of a house fly?

In other news, I've just finished another conversation for my script for summer school. It ties in with the first affair dialogue. See what you think. Brutally honest opinions are, as always, welcome:

The Affair #2


Andy said...

Darn it, Harries, they're all really good. I wish I could have creative block like you.

I don't have any creativity to block!!!

Lard said...

I think there are categories of flies. The ones that stay on your windows and just make a noise, I say they can live, the ones that seem to be making a conscious effort to mate with your ear drum need to be punished and the ones that sit on your food need to be killed twice.

Tom Underwood said...

I'm with Lloyd. Is there any spray that would kill pidgeons? Maybe I should develop one....