Thursday, December 04, 2008

The hills are alive with the sound of contact sheets being dutifully filled out.

Maybe it's a sign of the times.  Last Friday, I was invited to go and see Sound of Music with one of the high schools in Chelmsford (one of their drama teachers used to work in the West End and so was able to get really cheap front row seats).  Normally this wouldn't have interested me but I was really keen to build up relationships with the drama department of this particular school so I agreed to go along and, for good measure, brought Katie along with me.  I sat down (close enough to the stage to smell the tears of child actors) with a certain degree of scepticism.  I wasn't expecting this to be any good at all.  All cheesy and feel good and bleurgh!  But then, about half way through, something hit me.  As I sat and watched Maria comforting the seven Von Trapp children in her bed as they sang about their favourite things whilst forgetting the world around them, something dawned on me:  This violates so many child protection guidelines.

And it was then that I purpose in to write a sketch entitled: 

The Safe and Sound of Music

In other news (whilst I have your attention) I am repeating my advent poems from last year in my other blog.  They'll be exactly the same as last years but if you were a fan and would like to rediscover the genius of the Glyn Harries advent poem challenge (some reviews: "powerful", "inspiring", "inane") then please help yourself.  Thank you.  Goodbye.


Andy said...

I heart last year's advent poems, good to see you finally took my advice... ;)

And I can't wait for the Safe and Sound of Music. The title alone is brightening my day...

daydreaming said...

i like that movie