Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pedantry Files

(Jon is talking to a pedantic friend)

Jon: Do you realise how infuriatingly frustrating it is having you pick up on every single little minute error within every sentence I say?

(The pedant winces. Jon rolls his eyes.)

Jon: What?

Pedant: It's just that the phrase "infuriatingly frustrating" is something of a tautology. The two words mean the same thing. It's not necessary to have...

Jon: I'm warning you!

Pedant: And don't get me started on following the word "little" with the word "minute".

Jon: Aaaargh!!!

(Jon batters the pedant to death with an "m" he decided not to use when he used the phrase "to who it may concern")


Anonymous Pedant said...

Now do 'infuriating' and 'frustrating' really mean the same?

Is it possible to say 'a' tautology?

Anna said...

Lemme guess: Anonymous pedant = Andy?

Andy said...

Weirdly, it wasn't me but as soon as I read it I thought:

"I bet people will think this was me."

QED. Hmm...

Anna said...

Oh NO! Are you saying there is more than one of the A.H Species on this planet... oh dear!