Friday, March 30, 2007

Sad Day!

So today, I had to tell Helen (DYO for South Western Division of the Salvation Army) that I was unable to go to SWSCA (South Western School of Christian Arts) this year. I'm absolutely gutted because I loved it last year and have been looking forward to it since September.

So to all my SWSCA friends who read this blog, I'm truly sorry. I will miss you all and will be thinking of you.


LoopyLou :-) said...

heya! its louise from swsca-duno if youll remember me! but were gona miss ya this year! it was really good last yr an drama was good too! although i dint actualy do it i just watched! but everyone will miss ya xxxx

ana said...

aww no!! Drama just won't be the same without you!!