Thursday, December 21, 2006

H(acked-off) M(oney) V(ictim)!

HMV suck. I mean really suck. Yesterday I went to return my mum's Christmas present coz it wasn't right.

My mother is not an easy person to buy gifts for. Everyone else in my family is fairly easy. We've all found that an effective way of making sure that everyone else is well aware of what we like and dislike is to inflict our preferences onto others. Therefore, we will be made to watch whatever Dad wants to watch on TV while Lisa blasts John Williams music out of her bedroom to make us all aware that she's into her "classical" music as she laughs uncontrollably (and somewhat overwhelmingly) at her latest favourite comedy box set. Daniel will leave little room for doubt as to what he's into as his art work rapidly replaces the carpet and as he looks after his growing collection of strange DVDs that he has no interest in but were bought for him by his thoughtful older brother because I wanted to see them (to this day he has no idea why I bought him "The Royal Tenenbaums"). My mum, however, is a bit more selfless. Which makes it difficult when I'm wandering around HMV trying to find something she'd like. The thing is, she only really insists that we let her watch one thing on TV, and as HMV weren't selling the whole series 12 of the BBC 9 o'clock news, that didn't really help.

So I thought I'd give Lisa a ring (my sister is, conveniently, the same gender as my mother and so tends to be a little more tuned in to her wants and needs). She suggested the ER box set, series 7.


Thank you sis. Present bought.

A few days ago, however, I received an emergency voicemail on my phone from her to tell me that mum didn't have series 6 yet and if I were to present her with series 7 everything would get confused. So yesterday I went back to HMV with Matt to exchange my purchase. Now here is HMV ridiculousness #1: ER SERIES 6 COST £46!!!!! What is that?! How much are they expecting people to pay for one stinking series of one stinking drama programme type thingy!

I was not impressed. But it got worse. As me and Matt were looking through the box sets we noticed that there were getting more and more steep until we got to HMV ridiculousness #2: the box set for all the series of Kavanagh QC cost £199. Two hundred quid for a few measly episodes about some wiggy lawyer. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! And the really stupid thing is that there were only 5 series and only about 5 episodes in each series. And the really REALLY stupid thing is that each series only cost £15 when bought seperately. Matt did the maths and worked out that HMV were charging £75 for the DVDs and £125 for the box.

So I decided to simply get a refund for the box set and get my mum something else instead. Which brings me to HMV ridiculousness #3: HMV DON'T DO REFUNDS!!! They charge the earth for DVDs and then don't give you your money back when you've got the wrong one. I had to "exchange" it for a Gift Card.

So that's why HMV suck. And that's why I'm starting a campaign to boycott HMV (as soon as I've spent my £34 gift card).


Anonymous said...

Get over it. You chose to shop there, you chose to buy the (evidently wrong) set, furthermore HMV are not required to provide refunds (refunds being a service that some stores do offer) and therefore shouldn't you blame and boycott yourself. Wake up and stop being silly!

matt said...
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matt said...

I think I speak for us all when I say - Merry Christmas anonymous and may we each be as sensible and wise as you in 2007

matt said...

By the way I was being sarcastic..........Just realised anonymous probably won't get it

BeccaBoB said...

lol Glynn you amuse me greatly, am sat at my desk at work giggling at the image of your family and their presents...perhaps because it is worryingly realistic!

Dont know about new years yet...something of a personal crisis in that my wedding may be all off (oh yes fun fun fun) so dont know what I am doing over the festive period as yet!

Kirsty said...

Oh Glyn! Seriously, you should have tried ebay! I love ER, I always get my boxsets from there. Bit late now though!!!!

I am with you on the "HMV is riudiculous" front. Any shop that is that bad at maths just needs to cease to exist in my opinion! Seriously, you can't sell box sets for more than the sum total of the individual DVD's. You just can't. Its stupid!

Hope you have a very happy Christmas in spite of the Christmas present palaver!


Andy said...

That's just ludicrous, Glynman. Good to see anonymous joining in with the Christmas spirit though...

Anonymous said...

Just checked the HMV website and the Kavanagh QC box set is there for £99. Presumably the one in the shop was mispriced. Might be worth going back and letting them know. And no I don't want the set for Christmas - at any price!