Saturday, June 17, 2006

Reasons for not having posted in a while...

#1 I have an interview on Tuesday in Edinburgh and there's loads to prepare (and if I'm honest I'm panicing ever so slightly - still lots to do)

#2 The computer's never free.

#3 And this is the big one. My blog has suddenly stopped allowing me to upload pictures into my post. It tells me it's letting me. The box comes up, I select my picture, I press Upload, it does the whole "wait while your picture uploads" type thing, it then says "Done", I click on "Done", I wait for the picture to appear on my draft - nothing. I have typed out several extensive and detailed blogs that have relied on picture illustrations and then had to cancel the whole thing because those picture illustrations are completely invisible. It wouldn't be so bad if a Blogger window popped up and apologised and said that "due to error45B.1X1, we are unable to upload your picture. Please try taking your computer harddrive apart and piecing it together again with wood glue". Heck I wouldn't even need an apology. I'd be perfectly happy with a window which said "We could upload your picture. We just don't want to. And you know what? We're not even sorry. You just come onto our website with your stupid trivial ramblings with absolutely no appreciation of all the work that goes on back here so that you can share your nonsense with the world - and quite frankly buddy we've had enough. So there - you are experiencing error i8u.4uranimbecile which is why your pictures are not uploading. Try strapping a pinecone to your face and see if that helps. Moron". Because at least then I'd have some sense of something not being quite right. And if something isn't right then it can be fixed. But no! It tells me everything's fine and uploading perfectly and "oh, there's your picture isn't it lovely" EXCEPT THERE IS NO STINKING PICTURE!!!!!

And those are my reasons for not having posted in a while.


mike said...

You've broken me!

I've started doing the jedi/automatic doors thing!

guile said...

at least you didn't include this reason: i got mugged today and my journal entry was stolen from me..